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She added, “We do not know the details of the Syriac writings on the ceramic pieces and the topics that were discussed”.

Dr Bonrik has been working for ten years in the field of antiquities in Kuwait and the Gulf and is specializing in the field of Islamic monuments especially of the Umayyad and Abbasid periods.

The island’s accessible fresh water, easily defended coastline, and strategic location also attracted the attention of Alexander’s successors, who vied among themselves for control of regional trade routes.

Inside the fortress compound, one small, elegant temple has Ionic columns and a plan that is quintessentially Greek, including an east-facing altar.Dr Bonrik revealed, “These Syriac writings were engraved in black and I have never seen them before. We kept all the pieces and checked them separately.When I saw the engravings, I imagined they were written in Arabic”.She said, “Kuwait had a Christian church and a monastery in Failaka Island, which lies within the port of Shuwaikh”.