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There is some overlap between the terms "sedative" and "hypnotic".Advances in pharmacology have permitted more specific targeting of receptors, and greater selectivity of agents, which necessitates greater precision when describing these agents and their effects: Doctors often administer sedatives to patients in order to dull the patient's anxiety related to painful or anxiety-provoking procedures.However there are now three officers watching him and he is being held in the prison ward instead of a able to go anywhere because. He came out of hiding because he was hungry and re-apprehended and taken back to Australia for his personal use. And from Nusa Sedting to the resort precinct of Nusa. Sedation is the reduction of irritability or agitation by administration of sedative drugs, generally to facilitate a medical procedure or diagnostic procedure.

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Doses of sedatives such as benzodiazepines, when used as a hypnotic to induce sleep, tend to be higher than amounts used to relieve anxiety, whereas only low doses are needed to provide a peaceful effect.

Before using sedation, doctors try to identify any of the following that may apply: A patient with any of these conditions must be evaluated for special procedures to minimize the risk of patient injury due to the sedation method.

Define sedating. sedating synonyms, sedating pronunciation, sedating translation, English dictionary definition of sedating. adj. Serenely deliberate, composed, and.… continue reading »

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In some cases eg, with the use of codeine or oxycodone sedating drugs will likely cause CNS depression in breastfed infants and in other cases eg, with the use of.… continue reading »

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A sedative or tranquilliser. Sedatives can be misused to produce an overly-calming effect alcohol being the classic and most common sedating drug.… continue reading »

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Sedate definition, calm, quiet, or composed; undisturbed by passion or excitement a sedate party; a sedate horse. See more.… continue reading »

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What goes on during your monthly hormone cycle? As three key hormones--estrogen, testosterone and progesterone--rise and fall, they have a wide range of effects on you!… continue reading »

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