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Jenny North, head of public policy at Relate, the counselling charity, said: “A continued fall in marriage rates and numbers is no great shock to Relate, but it is worrying.

Interestingly, while combing through stats on the Office for National Statistics website, I discovered that in 2010, the last year figures are available, as well as 3,571 people in England and Wales who got married for the first time aged 16-19, there were 15 people who got married having previously been divorced.

“There is evidence that couples are setting themselves a ‘to do’ list before getting married – perhaps buying a house, getting the perfect job or buying the dream car.

As money gets tighter, these things get harder to achieve, and we could see less couples tying the knot as a result.” Anastasia de Wall, director of family a the think tank Civitas, said that it was inevitable as a greater proportion of women went to university that marriage ages would increase.

By national standards, 27 is not particularly young to wed. I'm from London and like most of my friends who grew up here, I felt life was much too interesting to give it all up and get hitched.

At that point, marriage felt like a provincial concept, weighty and dull.The average age at which a woman gets married for the first time climbed from 29.9 years in 2008 to 30 years in 2009, figures published by the Office for National Statistics said.This is the first time that the symbolic age barrier has been reached.The figures also confirmed the long-running decline in the institution of marriage, with the number of marriages hitting a fresh all-time low, with fewer people being married in 2009 than in any year since figures started to be recorded in 1895.