Bbm statuses not updating

14-Feb-2018 02:54

bbm statuses not updating-53

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I love Chess and anything that is mentally stimulating.

I realised that I had used to Black Berry Curve via WIFI after doing a device switch, I had activated BBM/Email during that instance so it was one Black Berry ID connected to 2 devices.In my case I had Black Berry Curve 8520 and replaced it with the Black Berry Q10.After doing the device switch all data was moved to the Q10 with no problem.My statuses usually don't tell people what Im actually doing unless its unique/interesting. ============================================================== "___thinks brunettes do it better." lots of girls qualifying themselves. " "___is wondering if he can bring Sexyback without a receipt? find me a girl who can make a killer lasagna and then i'll truly be happy" "___likes big butts and he cannot lie." "___is the opposite of modest, immaculately polished with the spirit of a hustler and the swagger of a college kid." borrowed from T. I agree with you though, I'm not sure why people most the most mundane "work 9-5" statuses; isn't that what Twitter is for?

Why are my bbm statuses not updating on people s phones? - My bb aint updating statuses. Why is my bb messenger not updating?… continue reading »

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So today out of nowhere my bbm status stopped updating itself after I did a battery pull since my recent updates bar somehow disappeared. I got the bar back, but then.… continue reading »

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