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Some queer communities are welcoming to bisexuals, and some are not.If you find yourself being rejected by your local gay community, don't go back in the closet.Sometimes, I wonder why I can't wake up as the same person for the rest of my life but I've gradually learned to accept both Layton and Layla.''Most employers aren't very understanding when their feminine worker suddenly turns up dressed as a man.No I work at a youth centre and thankfully they're completely supportive of my gender.That's just crap that men who are insecure about their own masculinity make up because someone told them they weren't "real" men, so they try to do it to everyone else. If feeling masculine is important to you, know that being bi doesn't change the man you are.Coming out as bi is going to confuse a lot of people, and because of this, a lot of people are going to say some really, really stupid things. If you are married to a woman, they may assume that you're going to get divorced, or that you don't really love your wife and are just using her as a maid and a babysitter, and that you're just out having fun while she's crying alone and neglected at home.Her mannerisms even change, with friends saying that is she is much quieter and more giggly when she is Layla while Layton is outspoken and fiery.Layton loves football and is a bit of a lad and Layla prefers time alone and hates sports.

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They may end up in exactly the same place they were; my partner and I have renegotiated several times, and the boundaries have not moved.There's a pretty good chance that she's known this for a long time (or, if you're like a lot of us, she has been the only person you've always been out to).If it will be a surprise for her, make sure that you come out to her simply and clearly.This seems to complicate things, but it really doesn't, at least not for you. Coming out is not easy to do, but it's the lifting of a giant weight off your shoulders.

I've got no control on whether I'm going to be Layton or Layla' Bi-gender teenager lives life as a man and a woman. wearing baggy jeans or revealing dresses… continue reading »

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