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Certain features such as loop functions and screen prompt by their own properties, and some graphical display items, cannot be recorded but must be entered into the VBA module directly by the programmer.Advanced users can employ user prompts to create an interactive program, or react to events such as sheets being loaded or changed.Further down the page at Stackoverflow there are some good comments about the sort of thing that VBA is good for, but my favourite summary was from Harlan Grove at the Smurf discussion: Poor analogy, trowel vs backhoe.Better analogy would be people who use a pickup truck for their job and choose to maintain the truck’s engine themselves.User-created VBA subroutines execute these actions and operate like macros generated using the macro recorder, but are more flexible and efficient.From its first version Excel supported end user programming of macros (automation of repetitive tasks) and user defined functions (extension of Excel's built-in function library).Macro Recorded code may not be compatible with Excel versions.Some code that is used in Excel 2010 cannot be used in Excel 2003.

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In addition, it can display data as line graphs, histograms and charts, and with a very limited three-dimensional graphical display.

is the name of a Stackoverflow thread that sends a steady trickle of visitors here (thanks to a link posted by Charles Williams of Fast Excel).

Thanks for the link! I wrote the post you link to above, “Losing touch or why Excel and VBA won’t cut it any more”. I’d agree with most of your analysis.… continue reading »

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Here are some of the top new and improved features for Excel 2016 for Windows.… continue reading »

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