Comcast cable box guide not updating

15-Aug-2017 21:51

Judging from a demo which the company recently gave me, X1 is slick and approachable, with lots of ways to find stuff worth watching beyond scrolling through an interminable grid of numbered channels.

Better still, the X1 box is a gateway to features which live largely in the cloud, so Comcast can add new features on the fly without updating or replacing the box. And Comcast is currently rolling out a feature which is similar to one of my favorite capabilities in Ti Vo’s current Roamio Plus and Roamio Pro models: the ability to stream live TV and DVR recordings to your computers and mobile devices, or download shows for later viewing when you don’t have Internet access.

Outside of your home, you can stream your DVR recordings and around 60 channels of live TV.

The box itself is three times smaller and uses 50 percent less energy as a result, and you can now access your recorded shows from a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets. Hello, I'm Tom Karinshak, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at Comcast.Please choose one that’s convenient for you and connect with our team.At the moment, you use one Xfinity i OS/Android app to watch video at home, and a different one when you’re anywhere else–a duality which Comcast says it hopes to eventually eliminate.

Ti Vo doesn’t draw that distinction: It’s got one app which behaves the same wherever you are.

Already available in six metropolitan areas, it’s going live in the San Francisco Bay Area (where I live) and in Houston this week; Comcast expects to make it available to most customers nationwide by the end of the year.