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10-Nov-2017 16:20

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One crucial key to intercultural communication is self-disclosure, according to Chen.If you have a romantic interest whose cultural foundation differs from yours, honestly and frequently communicating your experience as an individual, apart from your society, can help bridge the gap.Secondly, Chinese culture is strongly collectivistic, while European Australians tend to be individualistic.

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Across all cultural groups, greater relationship satisfaction was associated with lower rates of negative communication and higher rates of positive communication.

" Those from cultures considered more collectivist -- in Japan, for example -- tend to draw definite distinctions between those within and outside of the culture, making it difficult for intercultural relationships to flourish, explains Ling Chen, of Hong Kong Baptist University, in the book "Handbook of International and Intercultural Communication."When a difference between cultures is assumed by onlookers based on differences in skin color and other physical characteristics, you can face unsettling scrutiny, advice and judgement, according to an article, "Challenges and Benefits to Interracial Dating," by California State University, Fullerton.

CULTURE, COMMUNICATION, AND INTERCULTURAL RELATIONSHIPS. Suggest reasons people give for and against intercultural dating and marriage. This chapter explores the role of communication in the development of intercultural relationships with others who are culturally different across class, race, gender.… continue reading »

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Marriage relationship by magnifying the root issue thus enveloping other marital dynamics. Negativity pervades the marital union and prevents a mutually fulfilling resolution. In the following chapter, a review of literature is presented. Literature about intercultural communication competencies, third culture building, conflict.… continue reading »

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Romantic relationships are an essential part of human experience. As the world. Cross-cultural romantic relationships refer to romantic relationships across national boundaries, such as romantic relationships in China and the United States. Keywords intercultural, cross-cultural, romantic relationships, love, dating.… continue reading »

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The languages concerned. Keywords Translation, kinship terminology, personal relationship, intercultural communication, equivalent, target language, source language, intercultural competence. 1. Introduction. Kinship terminology describes a system of familial relationships. The family is a natural and fundamental unit in.… continue reading »

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