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20-Dec-2017 12:54

It was just because you just never knew what was going to happen down the road.

Even more so that hits home because we've had such a slump and losing streak."In the early to mid-2000s when Earnhardt won at least twice a year, Victory Lane was one of the few places he publicly shared his emotions.

Earnhardt tweeted that he spent a night at home with the couple’s dogs while she went out with her fantasy football league to celebrate her championship season.

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There have been rumors that NASCAR's most popular driver for nine consecutive seasons has been dating someone for over a year, but until last week's champion's celebration in Las Vegas he hadn't gone public about his relationship with Amy Reimann.His popularity was so high that it was almost impossible for him to go out without being overwhelmed by fans.These days he can roam the malls in the Charlotte area without it becoming a circus.He talked about that when he revealed another passion -- collecting old record albums.

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Or vinyl as he prefers to call them."I got sick of how spoiled I was on just being able to start i Tunes and buy a song and playlist," Earnhardt said. When offered my old collection of The Partridge Family, he said, "Give me anything you've got. Earnhardt laughed a lot during the champion's week in Vegas.But that Earnhardt feels comfortable sharing his personal life in public could be a good thing.It allows him to feel normal -- which could lessen the pressure he sometimes experiences as the son of a seven-time champion -- which could lead to something good on the track. Me and Amy are doing great, though, and we’re heading in the right direction. If I want to get engaged, I don’t want to spoil the surprise on Dan Patrick’s radio show. And I didn’t really know what the Better Half Dash was, to be honest. She is not the slowest, she’s not the fastest, but she is having a lot of fun. She is happy to be involved in it because of the cause, and to be able to do something good makes her feel good. She is starting to kind of realize she might of bit off more than she can chew on the driving side of it. You’re not a race car driver — just go out there and have fun.