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s 45th anniversary, and to celebrate it, we're offering up some fun facts that may surprise you. Her very first audition put her in front of Broadway legends Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein within an hour, and cast in the chorus of Shirley Jones turned down the role of Carol Brady in"The Brady Bunch" because she says she didn’t want to spend all of of her scenes in the kitchen making sandwiches.

(Photo: ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images)By 1970, Jones was raising three boys with husband Jack Cassidy, was interested in doing a steady TV series.

Many people remember his off-screen post-Partridge Family adventures—which included drugs, wrestling matches with other TV celebrities, raunchy radio shows, and various run-ins with the law—but it comes as less of a surprise with a little background. His father beat him regularly, even when he was starring in a hit TV series, and co-star Dave Madden often let him stay over at his house, acting like something of a father figure to him.

Shirley Jones and David Cassidy were close to him as well.

He was well-liked but notorious for acting up on set; after all, he was still a kid.

One day an exasperated but maternal Shirley Jones forgot herself and ordered him upstairs to his room, despite the fact that the set didn’t actually have an upstairs and she wasn’t really his mom.

The original cast of "The Partridge Family" (clockwise from left): Danny Bonaduce as Danny, Susan Dey as Laurie, David Cassidy as Keith, Jeremy Gelbwaks as Chris, Shirley Jones as Shirley Partridge and Suzanne Crough as Tracy..

The show hit the air in 1970 and quickly became a hit, transforming velour pantsuits, neck ruffles, and David Cassidy into national obsessions.

He was only able to change the terms of his contract when his manager realized that he’d been under 18 when he signed. She was finally able to renegotiate and give him a piece of the action as well as a new weekly salary reflective of his star status. The article talked about his drug use as well as his sexual prowess.

(Clearly they hadn’t planned the three-parter Hawaii episode yet.) Instead, she took the role of Shirley Partridge, who quits her job as a bank teller to join her kids’ singing group and guide them through superstardom.

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Apr 28, 2015. Suzanne Crough, bottom right, with fellow "Partridge Family" cast members, from left, Shirley Jones, Brian Forster, Dave Madden, Danny Bonaduce, David Cassidy and Susan Dey. Associated Press. Her tearful husband said Tuesday that he met his wife decades ago, starting as friends before dating.… continue reading »

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