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27-Aug-2017 19:30

It took four days for the family to determine his whereabouts as Kifah was moved from al-Moscobiyeh, also known as the Russian Compound - a detention centre in Jerusalem used for the purpose of interrogation - to another facility, and then back.When Kifah's lawyer, Anan Odeh, was finally able to locate him, the family learned that Kifah had been banned from having his lawyer visit."So they can play their game, the game that is to say: Listen, you are here alone, there is no one who can help you except for us, so you have to cooperate with us if you want to get out of there." According to Israeli military law, which applies to Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, a prisoner can be held without indictment for 90 days, which can be extended to another 90.Most commonly, interrogation lasts for 20 to 30 days, according to Aouda Zbidat, a lawyer for prisoners' rights group Addameer.Most arrests, according to the university's lawyer, Eliya Theodory, are against the Islamic Bloc, the largest bloc in the student council.Arrests are known to spike in advance of the yearly student council elections.

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The difference between the 28-year-old and tens of other Palestinian students and youth arrested in recent weeks is perhaps that his story made it out to the rest of the world.

The interrogation technique is based on the idea that they have to break the soul of the prisoner so they get everything from him.

You need to destroy his self, to defeat him as a human being.

"So, they don't deal with you only about the [specific] case.

They will start from day one: who are your parents, where were you born, who were your friends in school.This includes 10 under interrogation and 15 in administrative detention.The student council is formed of student political blocs, all of which are considered illegal by Israel.In comparison, Israeli civil law allows detainees to be held without charge for 30 days.