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05-Dec-2017 08:28

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In Lively, users upload photos and videos that are then turned into story collages, which also include transitions and movement.

“Our profiles already do a great job, but video creates the opportunity for our members to learn about potential matches in a way that simply can’t be captured with still photos and text.​” The company will also encourage video adoption, too, by showing Hinge profiles with video to five times more people it says.He mentions that using these technology-based ways to connect with others often helps widen your social circle and has become an important dating tool for 21st century singles. Kerner points out that if you’re dating within a demographic that uses social media frequently — Millenials, for example — then it’s possible to feel shut out from your peers.“It gives prospective dates a chance to get more acquainted with you,” explains Dr. Jess Perez*, 41, an account manager in New York, NY is cautious when it comes to combining her dating and social media activities.“Privacy settings make a lot of sense, and they allow you to edit and control how you’re being presented to the world,” Dr. When it comes to dating, he believes that less is more: “It’s about getting to know someone, and you don’t want that person to look at your social network and know everything about you — that’s not a real process of discovery.” Tina Phischer*, 29, a personal trainer in Austin, TX, had a dating experience go downhill fast when an otherwise great guy involved her in his social media obsession.