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[NP] Archaeologist Jess Cooney said: 'Flutings made by children appear in every chamber throughout the caves - even those that are a good 45-minutes' walk from the entrance.So far, we haven't found anywhere that adults fluted without children. - "Native Americans" / Ohio - "[....] So far, they've found and catalogued more than nearly 7,000 artifacts that were buried within two feet of the ground's surface. - Plentiful Wild Game / Ohio - "North-central Ohio's flat, almost featureless landscape is covered with fields of corn, soybeans, wheat, and alfalfa as far as the eye can see.First, the volcanic cataclysm arising from volcanic workings. Second, the magnetic cataclysm, caused by a lurch of the earth going back into magnetic balance.A magnetic cataclysm results from the earth getting out of magnetic balance.[....]"The Holocene is the name given to the last 11,000 years of the Earth's history - the time since the end of the last major glacial epoch, or 'ice age'. In all areas, the vast majority of the many destroyed species were lost in the final seven thousand years from about 15,000 BC down to 8,000 BC.

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Radiocarbon dating has moved Orr's estimate of 10,000 years ago back to 13,000 B. 2.1 [....] Alpha Draconis was 0.6 degree away from the heavenly pole in 2780 B. and this period corresponds to the Indus valley civilization. [....]"rtedly: "Nearly the entire continent of Mu fell into the Pacific Ocean around 10,000 B. After the sinking of the Motherland Mu, all civilizations throughout the world either degenerated or came to a standstill, not only Egypt, but all others, including India." "At the destruction of Mu, the King and High Priest of the Motherland, addressed the pleading crowds, saying: 'You shall all die together, you and your servants and your riches. Preliminary analysis has revealed that the original structures, although smaller in size than the Great Pyramid of Giza, appear to have been more advanced.[NP] Line decorations, created by a technique called finger fluting, also appear throughout the five-mile cavern network in Rouffignac, France.[NP] Some of the flutings appear high up on the walls and ceilings, suggesting the children sat on their parents' shoulders as they drew.Indeed, in both regions, mammoth carcases have been thawed to feed to sled dogs and mammoth steaks have featured on restaurant menus in Fairbanks.

One authority has commented, 'Hundreds of thousands of individuals must have been frozen immediately after death and remained frozen, otherwise the meat and the ivory would have spoiled ...C.], the last period of glaciation that Earth has experienced [so far] was drawing to its close.The glaciers were receding, and Earth's climate was beginning to approach what it is today. The Sahara Desert, for instance, once a lush grassland, began to dry out and become a desert.From your ashes new nations shall arise and if they forget they are superior, not because of what they put on but what they put out, the same will befall them.' [Col. Casing stones have been measured which are of the same unique angle as those at the Great Pyramid.