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25-Apr-2017 19:08

While there are some nice moments involving the interaction of Brett and Tash, the film does feel a little too long, even at only an hour and forty minutes.

The major problem for Dating The Enemy is that its genre has been so well covered that even what is actually a good effort pales into comparison to the many great comedies from the same genre.

For the opening minute or so of the film, there is also a very disturbing "ghosting" that appears almost to be an interlacing artefact, as the people walking by on the street clearly create trails (maybe they're just walking very fast? Fortunately, this disappears once the real action starts, but it is disturbing none the less.

Shadow detail is better, although it still falls short of what could be called "good".

Dialogue is clear and easy to understand at all times.

There are never any problems in regard to the mixing levels, even during the numerous party scenes.

About a child who navigates a monster-filled underworld while attempting to return to the surface, Undertale was released for Windows and OS X in September 2015. Evoking the sounds of '80s arcade classics like Mario Bros.

and Dig Dug, Fox also wrote the electronic keyboard-based score for the game.

While the premise is quite amusing, Dating The Enemy does tend to rely on it too much, becoming somewhat of a one-joke movie.For the subject nature of this film, the lack of surround presence is not as large a liability as it might have been.As there is no dedicated subwoofer track, it will only get redirected bass, and in this film that is likely to be very little. There is only an extremely limited selection of extras presented here, and none are of any real interest.Audio sync is generally good, although there are a few occasions where the audio becomes subtly out of sync.