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25-Apr-2017 07:38

The new European Proposal for General Data Protection Regulation provides protection and exemption for companies listed as "media" companies, like newspapers and other journalistic work.However, Google purposely opted out of being classified as a "media" company and so is not protected.A UK-based site focusing entirely on Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, and Indian singles, Asians 4 Asians has been around since 2000.

These "data controllers" are required under EU law to remove data that is "inadequate, irrelevant, or no longer relevant", making this directive of global importance.

The site openly states they've matched more than 100,000 happy couples and assist their clients with legal and visa support, if needed.

You'll notice pretty quickly most of the members are female and Phillipino, however, there are ladies from Thailand, China, Malaysia and other Asian countries as well.

They also offer a fun, constantly-changing ticker along the bottom of the main page, showing who logged in last and a few details about them.

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With a robust search engine and a fair number of users, this site is a top pick, ​even if the design falls short on the attractiveness scale.The right to be forgotten leads to allowing individuals to have information, videos or photographs about themselves deleted from certain internet records so that they cannot be found by search engines.The right to be forgotten is distinct from the right to privacy, due to the distinction that the right to privacy constitutes information that is not publicly known, whereas the right to be forgotten involves removing information that was publicly known at a certain time and not allowing third parties to access the information.There is a longstanding belief in the United Kingdom, specifically under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, that after a certain period of time, many criminal convictions are “spent”, meaning that information regarding said person should not be regarded when obtaining insurance or seeking employment.