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Meanwhile, a trio of bank robbers drive down the oceanfront road looking for a place to hide out for a few days. Two barge into the front entrance, wielding weapons, while the third checks out the basement.

A rather incongruous scene develops as the pair of thugs interrupts a full dress rehearsal.

I didn’t like the cop-out on the rape of Florinda Balkan’s character.

Movie pluses: Even without bondage, there is a pervasive mean-spirited tone to this flick.

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And there is hardly a place, which can compete with this one in terms of the amount of astounding lechery and impressive lust!

The scene is shot in slo-mo, and the look of agony on the girl’s face is pretty hot as she stares pleadingly at her teacher. But they are both caught, and the brunette is now in bigger trouble.

She is made to sit down on the couch with the stupid one and the wounded one in the room.

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As she does so, they begin to grope her, force her down on a table, and menace her with a knife. That’s Jane von Detlefson showing us the aftermath of shooting the scene in which she’s roasted on a spit. ------- What better way to ring in the New Year than with a movie review?First a disclaimer: The version discussed below is in Italian with no subtitles.The thug who entered through the basement blocks her path, slaps her around, pushes her down on the table and smashes her face with the steam iron.

Back upstairs, one of the girl’s asks to go to the bathroom.

The rest of the movie involves the moral dilemma Christina faces and her attempts to expunge these fiends from the house.