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"When I see Josh it's not going to be pretty," Klaus told Amanda. "You're not mad enough to send a nasty text or have words with him about killing your family? "I'd suggest at that time you relayed details of your parents' murder to Mr. Frank is expected to begin testifying in his own defence once Klaus is finished on the stand.Hi Everyone, Okay—so if you are like me right now you are patiently waiting spring. It is definitely a passion project but one that hit’s hard for all of us in the chase of that college scholarship. I recently had the opportunity and pleasure to view an eye-opening documentary.I usually fall asleep during any and all educational videos, but this one was different.Klaus and Frank were arrested for the killings in August 2014.In Court of Queen's Bench Thursday, Klaus was grilled by Frank's defence lawyer Tonii Roulston as she tried to tear apart his story piece by piece. I completely disagree with you." "Then you started the fire to cover up your actions," she continued. The 41-year old continued to insist Frank shot his family without his knowledge.But despite his supposed fear, Klaus continued to have contact with Frank.

The girl was allegedly approached five months ago by a man on Facebook who asked her if she was single.

The Monica Abbott Scholarship is specifically designed for female athletes that show leadership on the field, in the classroom and more importantly to their peers.