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10-May-2017 20:31

Anyone who has ever messed around with Chatroulette or similar sites can agree on the fact that sometimes people can be creepy.

You never know if you’re going to talk to someone just wanting some conversation, or if you’re going to get someone flashing you or in the plot of CAM2CAM, stalk and kill you.

That unpleasantness aside, as a genre film it’s got some greatly entertaining qualities.

There’s good tongue-in-cheek humor in the beginning and the presumed murderer demonstrates some rather American Psycho level qualities.

The film follows Allie as she rents a room that was the scene of a brutal murder a month earlier.

A woman had her head chopped off by someone she met online there but the price is right so Allie takes it.

On the whole this is a perfect weekend popcorn film for a horror fan or an equally good evening in as part of a horror marathon.

Cam2cam is in theaters and VOD August 22Adam Ruhl is a writer and life long Cinephile.

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When the twist is revealed and her motives are clear, you’ve already checked out, and it feels a little too late to jump on board.Unfortunately, once it gets to its plot there’s a long section in the middle that slows down the pace a little too much.Cam2cam does better when it’s being over the top and not a convoluted thriller mystery.In einer Stadt wo Ausländer hin pendeln, um sich neu zu erfinden, ist nichts wie es scheint.