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02-Sep-2017 14:35

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For example, the Java Web Server has the ability to revert to using URL rewriting when cookies fail, and it allows session objects to be written to the server's disk as memory fills up or when the server shuts down.

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When a session expires (or is invalidated), the object and the data values it contains are removed from the system.The Servlet API provides two methods to perform this encoding: This method encodes (rewrites) the specified URL to include the session ID and returns the new URL, or, if encoding is not needed or not supported, it leaves the URL unchanged.The rules used to decide when and how to encode a URL are server-specific.Every server that supports servlets should implement at least cookie-based session tracking, where the session ID is saved on the client in a persistent cookie.

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Many web servers also support session tracking based on URL rewriting, as a fallback for browsers that don't accept cookies. For a servlet to support session tracking via URL rewriting, it has to rewrite every local URL before sending it to the client.

The rest of this section describe the lowest-common-denominator functionality provided by Version 2.0 of the Servlet API. Every user of a site is associated with a object that servlets can use to store or retrieve information about that user.

Hi All, I have got a task to perform in my jsp page. My jsp page gets called on click of a link in my application. What I need to do is My jsp page should check if the current session is still valid & if it is then invalidate the session & redirect to another page outside the application. I know how to do the redirection.… continue reading »

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Nov 10, 2017. Status. Released on mm/dd/yyyy 01/20/2012. Objective of session logout process. Session logout have to objective to cancel conversation established between the browser and the web server. We means here, by conversation, several browser request and response that has been linked between them.… continue reading »

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