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13-May-2017 17:59

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They were both sporting ball caps, and Jesse added a hoodie as they left the theater.They posted photos together in Paris back in January, but at the time said they were only hanging out because they were there working on a video game together.But then again, Drake-Lee doesn’t have the public platform to defend herself like Williams.Williams’ divorce from Drake-Lee has nothing to do with how he perceives black women.Williams, who is in the midst of a divorce and custody dispute with Aryn Drake-Lee after a five-year marriage, is also an avid activist who regularly speaks about social justice issues as they pertain to the black community.Unfortunately, this new celebrity coupling has sparked a vicious backlash on social media from those who believe Williams has turned his back on black women in light of his relationship with Kelly, a white woman.Just as Serena’s relationship does not diminish her work uplifting black women as the greatest athlete in the world, Williams’ relationship doesn’t diminish his political activism.

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So when Williams’ divorce was made public, to some it felt like a betrayal.Speaking to , he shouted-out “the incredible women running [Black Lives Matter]” and opened up about being biracial: “I have access to rooms and information. To some people I might be a celebrity because I’m physically attractive.We are programmed to believe that someone is attractive because they told you that blue eyes are hot. I aim to do what I can with what I have.”Williams is a man who recently ended a 13-year relationship with a woman, and he’s currently dating — not even married to — another woman.But I’m thankful that both men have used their platforms to speak openly and honestly about what it means to be a black person in America today.

Jun 21, 2017. Her love life has become the sudden focus of much speculation, following her split with boyfriend Josh Radnor earlier year, and rumours she's now with Jesse Williams.… continue reading »

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Jul 11, 2017. Jesse Williams and Minka Kelly have been dating for months, Us Weekly can exclusively reveal — get the details!… continue reading »

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