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13-Aug-2017 17:50

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psychologist dating former patient

I also work with individuals who suffer from PTSD, severe anxiety, and relationship issues.""CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS.

If you are looking at this profile, then something isn't going right.

Whether you are dealing with sex addiction or substance abuse, relationship issues or life challenges, I can help you to move forward in your life situations.""IS YOUR FAMILY SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL?

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And if you have a PORN ADDICTION, by all means give me a call.Together, we have the chance to create a better quality of life.I am here to support and guide you, and give you an alternative perspective to conquer your challenges that may be preventing you from having a fulfilling life.""You are not alone...think for a moment and tell me, if you knew you could solve your problems, would you?I have a toolbox full of interventions to address this issue in the shortest time possible.""WHATEVER YOU DO, CALL ME!

I have over 12 years experience as a therapist, and I attended one of the best graduate programs in the United States (at USC) on an academic assistantship.

But, sometimes those challenges become overwhelming and the strategies we're using to manage just don't work anymore.