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The original Alouettes team (1946–1981) won four Grey Cups and were particularly dominant in the 1970s.

After their collapse in 1982, they were immediately reconstituted under new ownership as the Montreal Concordes.

The original club was renamed as the Montreal Alouettes (skylarks or larks in English translation) in 1946.

However, the original Alouettes club ceased operations following the 1981 season and was replaced by a new team, the Montreal Concordes, which played from 1982 to 1985.

(Similarly, during the Second World War the RCAF's No.

425 (French Canadian) (Bomber) Squadron assumed the skylark as its badge and the motto "Je te plumerai"—"I shall pluck you".) They won their first Grey Cup championship in 1949, beating Calgary 28–15 led by quarterback Frank Filchock and running back Virgil Wagner.

The Concordes were rechristened the "new" Alouettes for the 1986 season, but ceased operations the day before the 1987 season was due to start.

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Founded in 1946, the team has folded and been revived twice.Jim Popp served as the team's general manager (and has also served as head coach); his tenure with the franchise, which extended back to the Baltimore era, ended on November 7, 2016.Founded: The original Montreal club was founded on April 8, 1872.Although the Alouettes' re-establishment in 1996 is often considered a relocation of the Stallions, neither the league nor the Alouettes recognize the Baltimore franchise, or its records, as part of the Alouettes' official team history.

The latest incarnation of the Alouettes were arguably the best CFL team of the 2000s; they took home three Grey Cups in that decade bringing the franchise total to seven.

The Alouettes compete in the East Division of the Canadian Football League (CFL) and last won the Grey Cup championship in 2010.

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