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Since the 1970s, K9 units have become an asset for police departments across the U. When his hobby took off, he decided it was time to hang up his suit and become a full-time dog trainer. But as they say, the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward, and Steve’s plunge into entrepreneurship definitely paid off. A partnership with the military’s out-processing program will offer job opportunities to soldiers with experience in dog handling when they leave the military.

Are they naturally aggressive or is their aggression calculated?

The green dog is sent to a 4-12 week training program accompanied by the officer assigned to it.

The other option is for the department to buy a fully trained dog, which goes through similar training with its assigned officer.

Police protocol for a possible explosive on the premises is much different from that of a narcotic.

For example, if the narcotics dog indicates that it found something, the officer has reasonable suspicion to search the bag or vehicle in question without a warrant.

Police dogs are trained to either be “single purpose” or “dual purpose” service dogs.

Single purpose dogs are mostly used for backup, personal protection and tracking.

They can buy a “green dog,” which is a 7 to 14 month old dog with basic obedience training.

S.), so it gives the owner more control over the dog.

Well-trained dogs would most likely not respond to commands from anyone other than their owner anyway, even with the proper terminology, but the German language is used as an extra precaution.

On his next order, the dog goes after Jason’s arm, which is protected by the bite sleeve.

Whiskey’s grip on Jason’s arm is so strong that Jason can lift him off the ground and spin him around without his jaws releasing.

But building the relationship between the officer and his or her new K9 is one of the most difficult parts of the process, so handler school can be stressful.

Dec 15, 2011. It's that time again, when we round up the most memorable mug shots of the year. We'll share a slew of collections for the next couple of weeks.… continue reading »

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The body-on-frame construction of the car makes it one of the most appropriate vehicles for police use. The feature allows repairs to be made to the automobile after an accident without having to straighten or conduct major repairs to the vehicle chassis. Although the car is no longer produced, Ford continues to maintain the.… continue reading »

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With the proliferation of mobile devices capable of recording alleged misconduct, police misconduct and abuse is now receiving publicity on social media and on websites including YouTube. In response, police often try to intimidate citizens to prevent them from using cameras. In other circumstances, police will illegally.… continue reading »

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I bet you most officers would say, "Oh, I'm sorry, it's something that is required for us. I'll try to watch it. I may slip now and then, but I'm trained that way, I don't mean to offend you." Personally, I was brought up to respect police officers. "The man in blue is a friend to you" was the mantra I lived by. I treat everyone I speak with.… continue reading »

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