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16-Jul-2017 18:00

Instead of radio silence that generally follows the matches on Tinder, this way of having to take things in hand to a woman seems to inspire conversation. To combat the scourge of Tinder, ie a lot of games but few answers from us especially women over when Bumble match with a man, that we are women who should speak first (we find the concept of adopteunmec) but here we have only 24 hours! I will not hide that we find ourselves quickly to say “Hello” to all not to lose the game.

I found myself having semi-intelligent exchange with adult men. Besides, a lot of wind to my “Hello” probably due to the testers, curious and a few fake profiles.

Bumble dating app is a new way for women to meet online without being harassed or having to deal with thousands of unwanted men, it gives power and control to women and let’s them decide who they want to meet. The aim of this new application is to give women the same experiment on Tinder but without the numerous unsuccessful requests they can receive this application.

Discover Bumble, the application created by former employees of Tinder.

The idea of putting women at the helm is not very surprising on the part of the creator of Bumble since it was itself in the position of the harassed woman of messages from his ex-colleague at Tinder. Drag the people that you like to the right, if they do the same for you, you will appear in the “hive” of connections to each other.

This is the lady to start the conversation within 24 hours or the connection disappears forever.

And yes, besides the first not just for users, everything is done to secure the ladies and give them confidence!

The app Bumble put on a good behavior bond for gentlemen.

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More security All photos sent and received are marked with the user’s name to avoid sending drifts unsuitable cliches.

Women definitely have more to suffer unpleasant conservations or recurring messages too often problematic on other apps encounter.