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As a result, large numbers of people have to migrate from the countryside to the cities, especially the capital Dhaka, to search for work.The population of Dhaka is now predicted to double its size every 10 years, according to Ian Williams in ‘In Bangladesh, Climate Change is a Matter of Life and Death’.The main sections of this article will concern the impact on food production, migration into cities and whether the definition of what a refugee is should change.

Bangladesh is the most prone country in the entire world to cyclones and the sixth most vulnerable to floods.

Its population is approximately 165 million and the land area is 133,910 square kilometers, according to Richard Welford in an article published in CSR Asia and Discovery

67 percent of the land can be farmed, which means there is potential to grow a lot of food.

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Large numbers of people in Bangladesh as well as India may have to be evacuated. There is some hope for Bangladesh because of mangrove forests.