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When working for the Africa project pilots and ground staff had to wear the subsidiaries insignia.

The wings and pins are identical to the standard Pan Am pin shown above except that they have "PAA Ferries Inc" printed in the center map portion.

Soon after returning to the United States Trippe was summoned to a meeting at the White House with Franklin Roosevelt.

The two world leaders were very keen for Pan Am to build airports across Africa.

These pins are very rare and highly collectible to both Pan Am & World War II memorabilia collectors.

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The project was a great success and soon Pan Am pilots were ferrying desperately needed supplies to Egypt & Sudan.

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These wings would be worn until the late 1950s when Pan Am introduced the stylized globe logo.

However, in 1944 the center wing "map" of North & South America would be changed to show The America to the left and Europe to the right with the Atlantic Ocean in between.

One night during the Forum he was summoned to Downing Street to have a secret meeting with Winston Churchill.