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Other changes in the brain have been documented in the research, which further substantiates the case for the significance of neuroplasticity.

Mahmoudi and Sanchez (2011), using new technology, discovered the brain’s environment changed depending on the types of neural signals it experienced.

The present study will shed light on a well-documented behavioral phenomenon and attempt to determine, with certainty, what effect it has on adolescent minds.

Positive reinforcement, specifically that which comes from the adolescent’s own parents, has been shown many times to have an impact on the behavior of those individuals.

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A plethora of behavior changes brought on by WM development can be seen in various parts of other literature.Now the brain is able to give response priority to information, which is more likely to lead to positive reinforcement.Other research supports that important information is encoded and exchanged throughout various parts of the brain comparable to currency (Niv & Chan, 2011).Since the research has documented the encoding and exchange of information, one can hypothesize that the movement of this information through WM has an impact on brain geography.

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