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It’s like saying our prisons are there for rehabilitation - BULLSHIT3. Look at College Basketball, where a champion is determined ON THE COURT and they have the most successful tournament and excitement in March Madness.

Proponents of a playoff will say EXACTLY…however, football is NOT basketball #1 and #2 the college basketball regular season IS MEANINGLESS; TV ratings are ABYSMAL and everyone knows that wins and losses on a regular basis are meaningless unless you are on the ‘bubble’.

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Does one winner = the best team or just a champion? Next, let’s move onto the cons of a playoff system:1.

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Ok, I can’t see any untruth here except life sucks and isn’t fair…a good lesson for college kids to learn ☺.2.Coaches and players may continue to feel disconnected and not content and this might leave the college ranks earlier than usual for greener pastures.Ok, that would suck, especially on the coach’s front, but the kids are going as soon as they can and who can blame them? Conferences are left to determine how they want things done – do they have their own Championship game?The ‘student-athlete’ will have too much time added onto their season and they won’t be able to concentrate on Final exams. Look back over the last 20 years and you will rarely find a time that 4 teams are deserving of a playoff let alone 8 teams. A playoff system would ruin the regular season and make it meaningless.

This is BUNK and we know it, those in favor of the current system need to stop using this argument. In my opinion this is the MOST compelling argument.

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