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25-Nov-2017 15:49

Most of the shop’s contents have been able to be salvaged and stored in a shipping container obtained for the purpose.

All Saints' Church and the board members of the Serendipity Shop met for a planning meeting on Monday and said that a reopen date is on the horizon, but an exact date is unknown.“This shop closure is only temporary and the many volunteers of the Serendipity Shop are committed to bringing this valuable consignment shop back and continue to support the many receiving organizations from the earned funds,” Rae said.

13 made its way into the Serendipity Shop, located below Reynold’s Hall on Concord Street, and damaged the consignment shop contents, according to Gretchen Rae, project coordinator for the church.“The Serendipity Shop has been providing much-needed money into our community since 1963,” said Rae.

The percentage taken by the Serendipity Shop for sales annually supports many social service agencies such as the Peterborough Food Pantry, Monadnock Early Learning Center, MATS and Monadnock Worksource.

Do not wait until you’re naked to tell a guy you’re shy of sharing. Finally, Jewish girls are like any other girls, just like you are like any other guy. “When I travel, I’m sometimes ashamed to say where I’m from. Then I crossed the street to the Red Rock bar and downed a glass of wine like a shot. But how long until some girl his age whisks him away?

Rae said that the flooring and walls will have to be replaced, and some new shelving units re-installed, in addition to cookware and shoes which were stored close to ground level being totally ruined by the water.

There’s a higher concentration of raw talent here than anywhere else in the world. It’s because most people are more open-minded than you.” “Wait” he said, “is that that actor? “Would it be very rude of me to ask how old you are? Afterwards, she got a job again without trouble or anxiety.

See that guy there (points to a deranged wino, with his arse hanging out of his jeans), that’s one of the best guitar players of all time.” As for me not testing much of the goods on offer, I’ve thought about this and have decided it was most eloquently put by my friend Dave as we slurped noodles at Pho on La Cienega last week: “You don’t like anybody” he said. She didn’t fear an age threshold, she just followed her dreams and did exactly what she wanted to. There was this 22 year-old asking me too, but I ditched him after he said, “I like older chicks, I’m just going to put that out there.” I mean, that’s no way to talk to a lady.

The Serendipity Shop at Peterborough’s All Saints’ Church is closed until further notice due to flooding caused by recent ice dams.

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The Contoocook River flood waters from the ice jam further downstream on Jan.Like I said in the beginning of this blog, it’s never been an issue for me back home. Ok his album is not exactly on everyone’s ipod, but what the hell, he didn’t really need a leg-up from Halle.I mean, if you like each other, you go with it and they’ll maybe end up being your boyfriend. The allure of fame may be so strong it leads to crazy behaviour – as all of us in Los Angeles know – but I’m not buying that as Gabriel and Ashton’s sole reason for dating these ladies. I think it doesn’t have to matter for a while, then comes a crucial point when the chasm widens.What I have learned so far from this learning-to-date blog experience is that: a) Lots of people are nice and generous and friendly. c) I still know within 30 seconds, actually five seconds, if I am interested. I am though, as a result of this blog, less likely now to tell a guy to ‘eff off’ right away. “Not exactly, but anyway, let me ask you, why did you choose to go on a date with a liberal girl like me? I once was on a date with a girl and I told her I hated Obama, this was during the election, and then she said she was working on his campaign. I should never have mentioned politics.” “Maybe you should have read her profile.” I said. But when it comes to love, age is a compatibility factor – if your life-stage is radically different to that of your partner, then look out. On the one hand I have massive respect for the people who are genuinely trying to find love online, putting themselves out there, being open and receptive, honestly admitting they haven’t found anyone in person.

Some of the most exquisite pieces look unappealing. Doesn't it seem that when you are looking for something specific, you can NEVER find it? But, when you are just browsing, you can find something through serendipity? When shopping and dating, it's important to keep an open mind. Just because something doesn't.… continue reading »

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Jan 15, 2012. We aren't told anything about how their relationship developed, but we are left to presume that it involved traditional dating rather than a series of contrived happenstance—not as breathtakingly romantic as Cusack and Beckinsale's meeting, perhaps, but likely more deep and meaningful. But Moynahan's.… continue reading »

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Comedy · A couple search for each other years after the night they first met, fell in love, and separated, convinced that one day they'd end up together. Serendipity 2001 on IMDb 6.9/10. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site. Lars/Aiden is engaged to/dating Sarah/Carrie. Chris Noth also makes a cameo during.… continue reading »

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