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17-Jan-2018 15:09

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About Pepijn Uitterhoeve I'm Pepijn, a veteran Utopia player (and gamer in general).I intend to write my master thesis on Utopia, and focus mainly on the cooperative aspects.

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Anyway One of the funny things about sound is that you can’t really freeze and capture it like a photograph. Of course, they will be kept somewhat in our memories, where they will be immediately edited (raped) by our silly brains, forgetting certain parts and overemphasizing others. Job interviews, trying to save or break a relationship, heated debates with your parents (or children) reaching very dangerous climaxes and so on? Especially when emotions are involved, things can slip out in oral conversations that shouldn’t have. Text chatting is not immune to the same pitfalls and problems of face to face communication in this regard and it has some extra danger added to it concerning informationloss due to lack of bodylanguage, intonation and so forth.

Dies insbesondere, weil Werner Altermatt einen Sterneintrag für seine Handy-Nummer hat: «Es ist unlauter, Werbe-SMS an Personen zu versenden, die durch einen Vermerk im Telefonverzeichnis (Sterneintrag) ausdrücklich ihren Willen kundgetan haben, keine Werbemittelungen (also auch keine Werbe-SMS) erhalten zu wollen», schreibt das Seco.

Secret text message symbols used by teenagers to keep their parents in the dark. Are there secrets in your teen's SMS? What parents need.… continue reading »

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Jan 25, 2013. Try these naughty texting games to have fun all night long and easily initiate some dirty talks with your love. late night chat. It often happens in a new. Game 3 SMS sex. It isn't much different from phone sex, but yes voices and ooh-aah sounds are obviously missing. Don't reveal to your partner about this.… continue reading »

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