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Best of all, this fabulous drive is quiet by mainland standards, even at the height of the holiday season.Larne is very much a jumping off point, so simply follow the A2 towards Glenarm and the Glens of Antrim.Soon after you leave Larne there's a small monument to William Bald, the man who blasted this road around the rocky and inaccessible coast in the 1830s.When you reach Glenarm it's worth stopping for a look round.All the more so when I learned that her favourite song was ‘Mocking Bird’ by one of my own favourites Barclay James Harvest – a beautifully-orchestrated ballad with a melancholy, mournful air, a preference I think indicative of Inga Maria’s thoughtful, artistic nature.

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Hearing from Inga Maria’s friend expanded things into another dimension for me, as here was someone who had actually known her and could attest to her character, the very first person I had contact with who was in a position to do so.A tribute to Inga-Maria Hauser, the definitive story of the only case of its kind in Northern Ireland and the continuing mission to uncover the truth behind a murder still unsolved after 29 years despite one of the largest DNA screenings in policing history in early April, there have been some unexpected developments behind the scenes that I count among the most meaningful since I began publishing this blog one year ago this week.One such development is that I was overjoyed and very moved to hear from Inga Maria Hauser’s nephew – the first member of the extended Hauser family to get in touch with me, after I had spent many months trying to track down Inga Maria’s mother in order to send her a parcel that included a letter I had written that I’d then typed and had gotten translated into German with the kind help of a friend who first came in contact with me through this blog.As a result damage has been caused to both the temporary traffic lights and a homeowner’s gate.