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02-Dec-2017 18:19

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Just know that the results for Washington, DC, last year were really, really bad—and it’s unlikely they were much better this year.But from the information we did have access to, there are numerous statistical changes that are important to point out, from the safest states for online dating to the most dangerous (and a few more in between).Online dating can be a lot of fun, and you can meet some amazing people.But stay aware of common dangers you can encounter in the process, and take measures to protect yourself.If you intend to date online only in the safest of states, you better move to Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Idaho, or Utah.Each of these states reprised its role as one of the five safest states to date in.

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Maybe they should stop trying to buy their condoms online, what with all the delivery issues . But until it allows schools to talk about contraception and STIs without explicit permission from the State Department of Education, it probably won’t climb back up the ranks any time soon.It will be interesting to see if this bill adversely affects New Hampshire’s reputation for safe online dating.If being informed about sex education curriculum leads to parents getting squeamish and opting their kids out of it, it might just spell disaster for teen STD rates in New Hampshire Unlike the safest states, the most dangerous states have changed a bit from last year’s study.In addition to most moving up a spot due to the absence of Washington, DC, from this year’s data, New Mexico climbed a spot due to its increase in violent crime and STDs.