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15-Jan-2018 21:46

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I assumed if the guard was still there they must have i Phone, right? I do that and stand in the group of others (10 of us).

Eventually one of the employees comes over and reads off a name when I ask him "Any 16GB left" and he goes "Were sold out". Why do you think we are all waiting here, for a freaking Treo". Why can't they just tells us how many/what version phones they have when we walk in. First went to Irvine Spectrum store this morning at am. Then went to fashion island in newport beach, ca to hear they had plenty of all.

Although 1st generation doesn't have a GPS it can pinpoint your location using your cell signal, so a lot of the applications are using that.

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Stopped at an AT&T store that doesn't carry them for some reason.I'm thinking about getting an i Phone at the end of August when my current contract with Sprint is up ... Also, for those with the old i Phone, how did the battery life hold up? But at lunch, I will go to the AT&T store in Burbank and put a deposit down for a new phone.Battery on my first-gen i Phone was fine, but it always went in the dock every night so I never really pushed it. My old phone is literally falling apart as we speak.I also installed a game, didn't check the size, using the EDGE network and it installed really fast.

I had a couple of issues: 2 text messages that arrived with a delay (5 minutes) and my wife was calling me and I didn't receive the call, she said it was ringing.One of the more interesting things they discovered is that unlike that of the original i Phone, the battery in the i Phone 3G is not soldered on to the logic board, which means it's theoretically replaceable if you have the cojones to go through the dismantling process. oh well, at least I have it and it will work when they get shit up and running again. It's not your version of i Tunes, it's Apple right now. Now I'm just waiting to get home and activate it with i Tunes. So I'm going to give it a shot when I get home from work. After constantly reloading and restoring I finally read that I need to run as administrator. I got in the store at 830am and snagged a 16GB black with Belkin rubber case (my wife got white 16GB). I'm surprised they got in as many phones as they did.They opened at around 8am, and I got there around am. Well, I did the software upgrade for my 1st generation iphone and I like the new software.

The most interesting thing is that if Microsoft had stuck to its initial desktop. SimplifyMedia / AudioGalaxy I. basically 2 or more ‘writers’ updating a.… continue reading »

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One of the coolest features of the iPhone is its ability to stream music from alternative sources like Pandora or SimplifyMedia. or am I stuck with the.… continue reading »

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Libertynewsprint 9-08-09 Edition - Free download as PDF File.pdf, Text File. Apparently updating to the new after fraud allegations in Ghazni.… continue reading »

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Hi, all.after updating 6.1, my battery is really hopeless. Iphone Email Signature Stuck In Paste Mode. Looking For A Good Simplifymedia Alternative… continue reading »

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