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21-Feb-2018 07:09

Check out the nine discussions you and your partner need to have, STAT.Maybe you two have already done the deed a million times.It could be that your partner needs some time to process his/her emotions before beginning a discussion.Just knowing this information is really valuable for handling future conflicts. Is your partner hoping to quit his/her job and travel for a year? Laura Berman, a sex and relationship educator and therapist, writes on Everyday Health, it’s important to get on the same page about your plans.(You also might need some space and your partner should probably go to an actual doctor.) I like to do what I call "inspection" on my man's face, where I get to tweezer overgrown beard hairs. Although my giant/luscious hips can't fit into my man's jeans, he has gotten drunk and put on one of my bras and ran around the house yelling, "I'm Laura! HAHAHAHA/*puke*." Don't worry, I got it all on tape.7. It is the highlight of my life and I once met Oprah, so you know I've had a good life. You text each other from opposite sides of the room. I have literally texted my fiancé from the other side of the couch to go get me pizza. You're basically like twins with a secret language but even weirder because you're not related. (And by "literally," I mean "literally all the time.")8. I don't know how or why but tickle torture is something all couples do. "Boo Boo Honey Face," "Boner Pants," "Shmoopadoop," "Juicy Top," and "Pepper Jelly." These are just a handful of the magical nicknames we call each other in private.

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It could be that you chose to speak up the minute your partner did something annoying.So if you hate cooking, go ahead and ask your partner if he/she would prefer to take charge in the kitchen, while you agree to wash the dishes afterward. Having sex with someone else in the bed you share with your partner? It’s worth having a sit-down discussion about what exactly constitutes cheating in the context of your unique relationship. Aaron Ben-Zeev writes on Psychology that people have different ideas about whether a virtual connection is actually an instance of infidelity if there’s no in-person interaction. The truth is, you can totally love someone from a different cultural or religious background, but that doesn’t mean your different upbringings won't prove challenging at times.There are all kinds of relationships with all kinds of boundaries, so make sure to figure out what yours are before someone gets hurt. In fact, even if you two are from nearly identical backgrounds, you can still have developed different cultural and religious values.Especially for couples who live together, it’s important to figure out who’s responsible for and actually enjoys which everyday tasks.

According to relationship expert Paulette Kouffman-Sherman, the most important thing is that the division of chores feels fair. But don’t take your partner’s thoughts about infidelity for granted.

Your partner may be used to telling his mother everything and taking all her advice, and expect you to do the same.

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