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white chenama HHL v wonder; be surprised; be amazed at chenchi LH n 9 change (from money) ma chende LL n 6 testicles chenesa LLL v make clean chenesela LLLL v clarify for cheneso LLL n 9 enlightenment; explanation chengedza HHL v deceive chengela HHL v cheat; deceive by promising and not performing chengeta LLL v take care; take heed n chenje LL n 3 white ant; nest of white ants bu chenjedhu HHH n 14 wisdom; cleverness chenjelela-ntome HHHHLH v deceitfulness; slyness; be cunning; cheat chila HL v live; survive n chili LL n 3 rein; rope; shoe lace i chili HL n 7 living person; well-off person chilianya HLHL v lay across the other c Hilila LHL n 9/10 spicies of wild animal bu chilo HL n 14 life chimuka LLL adv.

the following day chinga HH v receive with both hands showing appreciation chinga HL adv.

very ugly bika HL v give a report; report a matter chi bikiri HHL n 7 tin; can bila LL v boil, as of water bilebile HHHL n 5 hot pepper ma bili LH n 6 twins m bili LL n 3 the body of a living person; the body of a thing chi bili LL n 7 bodily form; in person lu bilo LL n 11 speed, in running; rapid pace; a race binga LL v confront bipa-moyo HHLL adj. acidic; sour lu buwa HL n 11 enclosed place in which crops are harvested before being threshed and stored away buwa HL v smear much buwe LL n 5 gad-fly buya HL v return; come back bu buya LL n 14 beauty; handsomeness buya-moyo HHHL v feel nausea buyilila HHHL v repeat; return again m buyu HH n 3 baobab tree buza HL v return something; bring back buzilidza HLHL v revenge chi bza L n 7 thigh bza L v belch bzala HL v sow; plant chi bzalo HL n 7 seed or plant cha H v fear; have fear i chaba LL n 7 nation; tribe chachama LLL v hiss or sizzle of something cooking; a painful ache as from a burn chaini HHL n 9 chain chaisa LLL v knock off from work; knock something, as with a car ma chakanyugwa HHLH n 6 small bits and pieces of wood; small crumbs of bread chakanyula HHHL v chop or make something into small bits and pieces chamba LH n 7 lover; paramour chanana LHH n 7 kid changu HL pron.

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For any use of this material, please see CBOLD and the Bantuists’ Manifesto. no, a word of denial or refusal adiresi HLHL n 9 an address adzima HHL v lend; borrow aina HHL v press, as of clothes aini HHL n 9 an iron used for pressing clothes ainika HHHL v be well ironed ajee LLH dem.

since; eversince chingama HHL v lie across; slant chingamidza HHHL v run across to meet someone; put by the fire chingamila HHHL v bask, as in the sun or by the fire chingamisa HHHL v cause to lie across chini LH adv.

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