Updating active cells in vba

24-Sep-2017 02:02

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This means that, by using Excel’s VBA Range object, you can refer to: As you can see from the above, the size of Excel’s VBA Range objects can vary widely.At the most basic level, you can be making reference to a single (1) cell.However, the importance of Excel’s VBA Range object doesn’t end with the above. They state that Excel’s VBA Range object is “probably the most frequently used object in Excel VBA”.Similarly, Excel Easy rates the Range object as “the most important object of Excel VBA”.More precisely, in this particular post I explain all the basic details you need to know to work with Excel’s VBA Range object.Range is the object that you use for purposes of referencing and working with cells within VBA.However you cannot pass two range names as arguments unless they both refer to ranges on the active sheet.

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After all, most of the time we spend working with Excel, we’re working with cells.

The Range property will accept one or two arguments, with the second one being optional.

Mar 12, 2009. Doing this should help improve the performance of your code 'Get current state of various Excel settings; put this at the beginning of your code. screenUpdateState = Application. ScreenUpdating. statusBarState = Application. DisplayStatusBar. calcState = Application. Calculation. eventsState = Application.… continue reading »

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Cells. Count 1 Then Exit Sub Application. ScreenUpdating = False Cells. Interior. ColorIndex = 0 With Target. EntireColumn. Interior. Color = vbCyan. EntireRow. Interior. I know I need the VBA to format the entire row and column of the active cell which I get in my worksheet and it works great. Then I know I need the Sept.… continue reading »

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Shared Cells. When you place a shared cell, MicroStation copies the contents of a model in a cell library to your active model as a shared cell definition type 34 element. The shared cell definition is not visible. It has no recollection of its parentage. Each shared cell instance type 35 element references that shared cell.… continue reading »

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