Updating gps firmware

30-Oct-2017 13:22

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I am still getting "Updating GPS Firmware" messages almost everyday on my NUvi 765T screen. I am still getting "Updating GPS Firmware" messages almost everyday on my NUvi 765T screen. You can use Map Source to import and export you favorites.Today after firmware update (3.40) it is more frequent. Today after firmware update (3.40) it is more frequent. Hard Reset on most Nuvi’s 1.- Power off the GPS 2.- Press and hold the right bottom corner 3.- Power on 4.- System asks "Do you want to erase all user data? If you would like to, please backup your favorites as they will be cleared." 5.- If you answer "yes" next screen looks like brand new device Let us know how it goes...

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If you did change the baudrate however the firmware update will be quite quick, taking only a minute or two.Under Flash Information Structure file you should find a file named which resides in the u-center installation directory.If your GPS module is connected using serial interface you should tick the Send Training sequence in order for the computer to detect the bootloader.Huh, I have reset my 755t with every software update and it always cleared my favorites. I wonder if Garmin altered there software install so it wouldn’t clear the favorites…hmm In any case, backing up your favorites or anything else you like is good practice. I did hard reset, after reset, blutooth got disabled and no more "GPS Firmeware upgrade" messgae.

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