Updating microsoft computer crashed Furry naughty chat

30-Apr-2017 04:01

I used AVG ATTI VIRUS when it was time to upgrade from AVG 2013 to AVG 2014 as it was suggested by AVG popup .. I thought I did something right but apparently the update caused windows to run a muck..

windows started updating more frequent updating patches..taking really long to shut down or boot up..

In the command prompt window, type the 'sfc/ scannow' command and press the 'Enter' key on the keyboard.

Remember not to include the quotation marks when typing the commands. Insert the Windows installation CD when prompted to do so.

Select the 'Driver' tab and click on the 'Update Driver' button to allow for the checking of an updated device driver.

Make sure that an active Internet connection is available.

This usually occurs when a user tries disable an active network adapter or when trying to uninstall applications under the tab in the Control Panel.

As the application crashes when trying to uninstall any programs, it makes it nigh impossible to even uninstall the update.

A rare occurrence, Microsoft's teams have pushed out two updates over the weekend.If no body is to held accountable but the customers themselves than , why do we even need to pay or even support any type of NSA organization?jmho,, So this is what our government has in store with windows..To use the newest features and get the most up-to-date security updates, we recommend you get the latest version of Office.

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Level of difficulty: Intermediate The term computer crash can be attributed to a variety of reasons and scenarios which can range from hardware failure to corruption of the registry key value entries. In some instances, the crash may be caused by a malicious code or in other machines, it is an indication of poorly maintained hardware and software components brought about either by lack of proper system maintenance habits on the end of the user.To use the Windows Event Viewer, click on the 'Start' button and select the 'Control Panel' option.Right click on the driver with an exclamation point and choose 'Properties'.yet afterall that time their auto updating wasn't keeping up with the updates or maybe infecting my pc instead? wanted to sell me svc by credit card for diagnosing over the phone and than said it is a hardware issue after i read them numbers off my computer ,, the estimated repair costs were over an outlandish 400 dollars ! I do not understand computers but, I won't spend a dime more on a HP service or product ever again after that treatment over their phone help service. I DO NOT BLAME THE USA GOVERNMENT AND DO NOT HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE..

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